With more than 50 years of experience and presence in over 50 countries across the globe, supported by around 450 professionals, Encardio-Moniterra Group is one of the world leaders in Geotechnical Monitoring and Geodetic Surveying Solutions.

Encardio - Moniterra Group provides sophisticated turnkey solutions to detect, measure, model and monitor structural, geotechnical & geodetic behaviours and monitor environmental parameters for project owners, designers, consultants and contractors. The solutions include:

  • Online data management

  • On site monitoring, data processing and reporting

  • Installation and commissioning; supply, maintenance and calibration

  • Pre and post construction condition survey (dilapidation survey) of structures

  • Geodetic surveying

  • Aerial surveying and mapping

  • Laser scanning

Safety Monitoring

We provide online monitoring service solutions for civil engineering structural projects and water resources.

Geodetic Surveying

We offer advanced services in the engineering and construction industry.


Over the last 5 decades, Encardio–Moniterra Group have provided specialized engineering services for diagnostics, protection and maintenance of assets and have been involved in the safety monitoring, as well as geodetic surveying aspects of countless prestigious projects, including:

Doha Metro, Dubai Metro, Delhi Metro, Athens Metro, Thessaloniki Metro, Copenhagen BaneDankmark Rails, European Corridor X (Balkan countries), European Corridor E80 (Serbia), P.A.Th.E. , E.K.P.P.T and Egnatia Highways (Greece), Abu Dhabi underground sewer system, Marina Bay Sands-Singapore, Tehri Dam, etc.

Encardio–Moniterra Group has extensive experience in working with various major construction companies, consultants and designers from all parts of the World.

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