Tunnel construction and maintenance have always been a great challenge for engineers.


We provide accurate Surveying Network establishment for the successful construction of a Tunnel. We also can provide services for surveying services on a daily basis including: Office calculation and engineering, 3D geometry control, Section surveys, Clearance check etc.


It is also important to estimate the as-built situation of a Tunnel in order to certificate the construction’s quality and cost, and assure future maintenance works.

Aplication Areas


• Accurate Surveying Network is the fundamental factor for a successful construction of a Tunnel. Unfortunately, its high importance can be evaluated only through failure.

• By using high-end equipment, delicate techniques and methodologies, but mostly by gained experience, Moniterra can establish, extend or check Surface and
Underground Geodetic Networks of high accuracy in short time and finance terms.

Platanos tunnels / Greece


Encardio - Moniterra can participate in a tunnel construction project not only as a lump sum subcontractor over discrete works, but also on a daily basis surveying services.
By managing and training contractor’s personnel or by our own staff, Moniterra can support construction’s developing production.
• Office calculations & engineering
• In house developed field software solutions dedicated to the user’s needs
• NATM, blasting or TBM excavation’s stake out
• 3D geometry control
• Section surveys
• Supporting frames installation
• Grout umbrella application
• Clearance check
• Ballasted or Slab truck rail stake out support
• Tunnel liner mold’s geometry control

Artemisio tunnel / Greece


Every project needs quantity surveys and as-built
documentation in order to certificate the construction’s
quality and cost, and assure future maintenance works.
Quantity is translated to cash-flow and quality to safety & duration.
Using our “plug and play” field to office solutions (Tunnel CE)
and experience, Moniterra can supply the Contractor with documentations for:
• Payment claims
• Cost control
• Quantity calculation’s scenarios
• Geometry control
• 2D & 3D plans (sections, TIN, Mesh, etc.)
• Quality certificates
• Clearance reports
• Customized Project’s requirements

Acheloos river diversion / Greece