Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

Geodetic monitoring defined as the systematic measurement and monitoring of changes in the shape or dimensions of objects or surfaces as a result of forces applied to them.

Geodetic monitoring due to its relatively low cost comparing to other methods, is widely spread and used in all projects.

TBM parameters monitoring

Tunnel excavation is associated inevitably with ground loss, and high pressure conditions which, in turn, results in associated ground movement.


It is important, therefore, to closely monitor the TBM parameters when tunneling, especially through urban areas.

TBM’s Real Time monitor

All monitoring data (geotechnical, structural, geodetic, environmental) can be correlated with the progress of the TBM using the DataBase Management System

•Live monitor displaying all the incoming measurements from TBM.

•Diagrams from every TBM parameter and time, chainage or Ring Number