Structural Monitoring


  • Safety of buildings, monuments and structures during nearby construction activity (like underground tunneling, deep excavation for high rise buildings etc.)

  • Safety of existing multi-storey buildings: hotel complexes, corporate offices etc. and buildings of critical importance

  • ​Safety of old and depleted buildings and structures subject to long-term movement or degradation of materials

  • Safety of monuments and structures of historical importance

  • Safety of buildings and structures in landslide prone areas

Monitoring solutions

  Surface monitoring

  • Tilt, inclination, crack, settlement

  • Strain, stress, load

  • Temperature

  • Vibration

  Sub-surface monitoring

  • Lateral ground movement, deformation, displacement, settlement

  • Water level, water pressure, seepage

  • Temperature


  • Detecting and locating existing damage on the structure

  • Identifying the types of damage

  • Quantifying the severity of the damage

  • Advanced sensors, data acquisition systems and advanced technology that provide vital information about structure’s integrity as well as warnings concerning any damage detected

  • Monitor structural safety, integrity and performance without otherwise affecting the structure itself

  • Worldwide support

Turnkey solutions at one stop

  • Online monitoring data management

  • On site monitoring, data processing and reporting

  • Installation and commissioning; supply, maintenance and calibration

  • Settlement and 3D deformation surveying

  • Vibration monitoring

  • Pre and post construction condition survey (dilapidation survey) of structures


  • Cabo Fort, India

  • Lodha World One, India

  • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

  • Mirani Fort, Oman

  • Al Haram Extension, Saudi Arabia

  • Convention Center, Qatar

  • Al-Quids Tower, Qatar

  • Burj Khalifa, UAE

  • Basilica of S. Maria, Italy

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