Structural Monitoring

Encardio-Moniterra Group offers monitoring solutions for structural health, safety, integrity and performance of structures like high rise buildings, monuments, bridges, dams, tunnels, etc. The term Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is attracting great significance lately and is being used more and more today to ensure safety of man and material.

The SHM system consists of a range of instrumentation installed on full-scale structures, with suitable dataloggers. With an experience in manufacturing and monitoring of more than half a century, Encardio-Moniterra Group is one of the best solution providers in the field.


  • Safety of buildings, monuments and structures during nearby construction activity (like underground tunneling, deep excavation for high rise buildings etc.)

  • Safety of existing multi-storey buildings: hotel complexes, corporate offices etc. and buildings of critical importance

  • ​Safety of old and depleted buildings and structures subject to long-term movement or degradation of materials

  • Safety of monuments and structures of historical importance

  • Safety of buildings and structures in landslide prone areas

Monitoring solutions

  Surface monitoring

  • Tilt, inclination, crack, settlement

  • Strain, stress, load

  • Temperature

  • Vibration

  Sub-surface monitoring

  • Lateral ground movement, deformation, displacement, settlement

  • Water level, water pressure, seepage

  • Temperature


  • Detecting and locating existing damage on the structure

  • Identifying the types of damage

  • Quantifying the severity of the damage

  • Advanced sensors, data acquisition systems and advanced technology that provide vital information about structure’s integrity as well as warnings concerning any damage detected

  • Monitor structural safety, integrity and performance without otherwise affecting the structure itself

  • Worldwide support

Turnkey solutions at one stop

  • Online monitoring data management

  • On site monitoring, data processing and reporting

  • Installation and commissioning; supply, maintenance and calibration

  • Settlement and 3D deformation surveying

  • Vibration monitoring

  • Pre and post construction condition survey (dilapidation survey) of structures


  • Cabo Fort, India

  • Lodha World One, India

  • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

  • Mirani Fort, Oman

  • Al Haram Extension, Saudi Arabia

  • Convention Center, Qatar

  • Al-Quids Tower, Qatar

  • Burj Khalifa, UAE

  • Basilica of S. Maria, Italy