Geotechnical Monitoring

Geotechnical Monitoring provides data from field observations that is essential for the successful completion of any civil engineering project. The monitored data taken before, during and after construction works, provide vital information such as:

  • Design verification and evaluate critical design assumptions

  • Site investigation, interaction of soil/rock with construction activities

  • Effects of construction on adjacent structures/buildings

  • Construction control, reduce construction costs

  • Safety; provide a warning and indicate impending failure

  • Reduce litigation

  • Long term performance of assets

Encardio-Moniterra Group’s Worldwide experience in geotechnical monitoring systems and advance technology facilitates in providing customized solutions to meet specific project requirements.


  • Inputs for monitoring system planning and design

  • Manufacture and supply of standard and customized instruments

  • Installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance

  • Baseline readings, monitoring and recording data, data management

  • Data presentation, daily/weekly/monthly reports or online data

  • Assessment and interpretation of variations observed in monitored data with respect to construction and other activities in vicinity of instruments


  • Performance and safety monitoring of large scale civil constructions like Metros, Tunnels, Sewer systems, Hydroelectric projects, Deep excavations and foundations, Bridges, Airports and Seaports, etc.

  • Landslide and slope monitoring

  • Pile and diaphragm wall monitoring

  • Embankments & landfills monitoring

  • Porewater pressure and water level monitoring in boreholes

  • Online data availability with near real time update is possible for all of the above mentioned applications

Parameters monitored

  • Subsurface and surface deformations-lateral movement, settlement, deformation, displacement, rotational movement, convergence etc.

  • Total pressure, strain, stress, load

  • Porewater pressure, seepage

  • Temperature


  • Independent supplier and provider of monitoring solutions

  • Advanced in-house R&D, manufacturing and testing facilities

  • Experienced technical professionals

  • Turnkey monitoring solutions at one stop

  • Online data presentation and assessment

  • Worldwide support

Turnkey solutions at one stop

  • Online monitoring data management

  • On site monitoring, data processing and reporting

  • Installation and commissioning; supply, maintenance and calibration

  • Settlement and 3D deformation surveying


  • Metro Tunnels

Almost 180 km of tunneling monitored including Delhi metro, Dubai metro, Doha metro on turnkey basis and several other metros worldwide through marketing associates.

  • Road tunnels

Almost 100 km of tunneling monitored including longest road tunnel in the Middle East Shiekh Zayed Street tunnel in Abu Dhabi, UAE on turnkey basis and several others worldwide through marketing associates

  • Railway tunnels

Almost 150 km of tunneling monitored including several contracts of Konkan Railways, India, on turnkey basis and several others worldwide through marketing associates

  • Sewer tunnel

Almost 110 km of tunneling monitored including Muharraq STP & Sewer Conveyance System Project in Bahrain, Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP)  in UAE on turnkey basis and several others worldwide through marketing associates

  • Dilapidation survey (pre/post construction building/structure condition survey)

Thousands of buildings/structures/utilities surveyed for projects like Doha Metro, Delhi Metro, STEP sewer tunnel project – Abu Dhabi, Muharraq STP & Sewer Conveyance System Project Bahrain, etc.

  • Hydroelectric Projects

Over 200 dams (concrete, roller compacted concrete, concrete faced rock filled, earth/rock filled dams) including a number of dams in India, Bhutan, Nepal on turnkey basis and several others worldwide through marketing associates.

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