Aerial Mapping

We have also expanded our services to follow the latest developments in technology of aerial mapping by using all the potentials that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles offer.

Unmanned and remotely-piloted aircrafts follow pre-programmed path to take off, flight and landing. Equipped with HR/ IR / Thermal cameras, they capture aerial images or videos over a defined area and a specified height with a needed overlap between image exposures.


• Over 120 km of highway construction monitoring
• Corridor mapping and topographical survey
• Urban areas mapping
• Geotechnical and Structural Deformation Monitoring of
Grand Projects
• Surface Data Analysis
• Orthophotos
• Video Capture


• Surveying cost reduction
• Impressive and persuasive way of presentations to
• Low mobilization of time and manpower
• Precise low-cost quantity surveys before tendering a
• Acknowledgment of environmental working conditions
• Full information even on areas difficult to approach

Exports & Deliverables

• Photos
• Orthophotos
• Mesh 3D Models
• Texture 3D Models
• Drawings
• Videos- Presentations
• Contour Maps
• Slope Maps
• Area- Volumetric calculations

The resulting data is useful for:

• Topographical surveying, particularly in remote or difficult areas, in mining and dredging industries.
• Vegetation monitoring
• Infrastructure mapping

• Construction progress monitoring
• Inspection and detection of issues which might occur during the project due to the bad weather conditions (floods, strong wind, etc)
•Calculate the nature of underlying magnetic rock structure and help to predict locations of mined deposits
•Take off and estimating volumes, areas, items before and after the project.


Image Caputuring

Image Caputuring

Mesh 3D Model

Mesh 3D Model

Texture 3D Model

Texture 3D Model

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

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