Laser scanning

Laser scanning is the method of surveying and conducting geometric documentation of buildings, architectural and archaeological monuments, structures or any object that requires a high degree of analysis.


Over 100 construction projects

• Personnel & equipment provision
• Method statement provision
• General setting out plan creation
• Network installation & maintenance
• Quantity surveys – Cost control
• Determination and control on building’s elements
• Geometry verification and as build surveys.
• ISO standards incorporation – quality control records

High accuracy & Industrial Applications

• Control of axes: alignment, parallelism, verticality, flatness
• Position alignment on large engines or assembly of different
parts (flanges, anchors, e.t.c.)

Laser Scanning and Monitoring Applications

• Real time deformation monitoring
• Geometry control and verification of prefabricated parts of
large constructions in projects like bridges, pipes, wind power
• Survey and geometry determination through point cloud


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