The increasing number of high-speed rail links and the demand for high standards in travelling comfort and safety, requires to-the-millimeter
accuracy during track installation and maintenance.

Encardio - Moniterra, in order to meet such requirements, applies High End Technology and Services, giving to all involved parties the advantage to monitor, supervise, manage and construct accordingly.

Aplication Areas


The most important principle of every activity on rails is the accurate measurement of the geometry and absolute position of the track rails.
To achieve that goal we chose to use AMBERG GRP FX Systems, since 2008, performing fast and accurate surveying services, leading our clients to deliver in time, high quality results at best value for money costs.
This system is equipped with high-end technology sensors to record Cant, Gauge and Chainage. It is getting and correcting its position using the control points with an on board total station or disto-meter and an integrated IMU sensor.
A measurement of the geometry and absolute position of the track rails takes place, that can be compared with the design study and allocate any potential deviations between actual situation and theoretical alignment.
Furthermore, this measurement will be the reference rail track line for all the following measurements within future maintenance time.
Analysis of the recorded inner and outer track geometry, can done using the dedicated software, so that, evaluation, conclusions and actions will follow.

Athens Metro Rehabilitation / Greece